Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Front squat update.... gym night and monthly BBQ....

and the last one rep for this 2 week period.

Warm up.....and grab a rack.  Lucky for me I was lifting next to Gary and across from Travis and Will.  If I ever need to feel like I don't really lift much....all I need to do is lift near these guys...but because they are who they are....I don't. 

I'm just lifting....I load kinda slowly because I was tired from the last 2 weeks. 


185 feels super duper heavy....Will had just put on 225 and he had said the same all felt heavy...

Took a breather to watch Gary get a 20 pound PR on the squat..I think it was at 325? 335?  Dunno, but that is a front squat!

I decide I am feeling lame so I load 30...215...felt better than the 185.

Load another 30...this would be 20 shy of my one rep...I look at Will and say...ehhh...I won't get this, but I do...

So 265 is my one rep...I may or may not have that in me, so I grab 10's....and look at the bar....I sorta know at this point this is probably my last lift for tonight. I grab the 2.5  270...

According to Will, I descended super slow...I told him I had racked it hard against my chest forcing my silly arms into the right position, it made me slow down....I pulled a little forward on the way up and it was just on the final moment that I slowed down and ground that bastard up. Best news on this lift? I didn't wet my damn pants.

Both Travis and will encouraged me to pull the 2.5 off and put 5's I did..I knew there was no way I could get 275....went down never to see the top again....but 270 is awesome!

Then I started to empty the bar....I was looking at the math in my book...I kept adding it up...something looked weird.  Then I pulled the 10's off and realized they were 15' I actually got 280...hmmmm.

Will and I decided that we should always have other people load bars and lie to us about how much is on there just to keep our stupid heads out of the equation...or maybe this is another opportunity to get the fuck over myself and just lift what feels right any given day...and frankly this applies to all sorts of things in my life right now...

Goes back to that blog about being "nice" too.  I get so caught up in the "what if's"  the crisis thinking that I don't just lift the weight so to speak...I don't just say what needs to be said.

Doesn't mean I need to be an asshole...I know there are ways to say things that are better in some situations than others.  I know that I have muzzled one's choice but mine...trying to make better choices as I build a new relationship.  Lucky for me he is obnoxiously patient with me...

Missed the work out yesterday and missed noon today...stinking weather travel delays meant I spent my whole morning rearranging travel for my boss...which I was happy to do and thank god I got it done...but now I have to drag my ass out tonight. 

when it's cold...and dark...and I don't wanna....waaa waaa waaa

Here is a sad cat.

If I don't write again before the feasting begins...I just want to say how thankful I am that I can have a feast~that my kids will be with me for a little while on thanksgiving~for my life~my family~my friends~my health~love~for too many things to get down on paper...

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