Thursday, January 28, 2016


Well Crap....

It has been over a month again since I have really written.

I mean I have this mainly for myself, but if I have it...well, I have it, I should use it or just stop using it...I have been picking up my actual journal again.  I missed actually helps with my stress lately.

Some big changes i have been focused on...

Trying to get to the gym, spending a little more time at Praxis... got a PR on my strict press this week...130...I was silly happy. Had an epic fail on a workout this week was all squats and deads...and I just...couldn't. So the next day, I just did the next workout and moved on. I know that sounds small, but to not get all up in my oun face about how lame I am...that's a win in my book.

My kiddo has started a new school...a bit of a good start...a bit rocky too...but right now, this is my main focus....

Let's see....oh yeah...My work situation shall be shifting radically soon..and I am not even sure WHAT that means yet.

Given these two major factors, games this year?  hmmmmm   maybe 3 or 4....and that's just what it is right now.

I want to write about remote training and how that feels, but not today...I am working that "habit" thing.

Things have been thrown in the air so far this year and I am choosing to watch the confetti and glitter fall in the light instead of grabbing the jar and trying to stuff it all back in.

I know I am loved and supported and that makes needing to "make it all work" somehow fall away.

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